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Derived from the term sexting (which means talking dirty via text message), this spinoff means talking dirty via Facebook.
Quit fexting your boyfriend and work on your paper!
by rastatay May 27, 2010
The act of sending sexual text messages/IM's on Facebook.

Maybe between a two people, one of which may already have a partner.
Fex-ting helped me focus more on my homework.
by guyaneserugger February 01, 2010
Fexting is a portmanteau of Feet and Texing. It's like sexting but for people who have a fetish about feet. They send and receive photos by text of feet.
Person 1: I think Jim and Sue have a weird relationship, they were texting photos of their feet all evening?

Person 2: Ah, they were fexting!
by Ivor Fortose April 18, 2011
A fight or argument done via text message.
My thumbs are sore, I have been fexting with the girlfriend all day!
by TheBrewer707 January 27, 2010
when you try to seem popular by pretending to be texting on your phone (usually to impress the opposite sex or to avoid conversation).
hey bro, stop fexting and talk to these girls.
by Richard Zucker October 17, 2009
When two people who may have slightly awkward sexual tension text eachother but are "just friends"
Daniel: Hey Emily, are you and Rico Suave still texting? It's getting pretty suriousss eh??
Emily: No no Daniel, don't be so naive, we're just fexting!
by D-BLOCK && E-HOEE April 06, 2010