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Sending a text message to the wrong person; or unintentionally sending a text message to a person the message wasn't intended for.
Oh shoot, I just sent a fext; or
Oh darn, I just fexted.
by dlsneb January 20, 2012
The act of sending provocative messages via fax machine.
Ben:Dude check out this hot 3 page fext that biddie sent me!
by BUBacon June 07, 2010
To send a photo of food as a text message.
The food I ordered last night was so good, I needed to fext all of my closest friends.
by seamlessyourmom September 19, 2013
When something is fucked up, and usually its someone elses fault. A slang of the term "Far end cross talk".
That shit is FEXT dude!
by XTian May 26, 2003
A "food sext"-A text or picture of mouthgasmic food, text to someone to induce jealousy.
Oh my God this pasta you made is AMAZING.. I am going to fext it to Mo so he knows what he is missing out on.
by Bonbon0385 March 28, 2013
1. N. A fuck up text message, usually to someone of the opposite sex. A Foot in mouth text message.
2. N. A repulsive or alarming text.
3. V. Sending an incoherent or fucked up text.
4. V. Sending rapid short texts.
5. adj. Can be used to modify description of texting.
1. His fext was confusing to Maria.
2. Fexting is the opposite of sexting. She was turned off.
3. He wondered why he fext. Man did he fuck up.
4. He tried fexting back, hoping to fix it.
5. The fexted messages led to a restraining order.
by VailYeti February 21, 2012
text on facebook!
The only way I can ever reach her is to fext her!

Hey! Michelle I dont have my phone with me, can you please fext me the movie timings!

He fexted a long wish list to his parents two days before his eighteenth birthday.
by drumking.rishi May 14, 2011
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