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A group of individuals that will pwn noobs so another party does not have to.
"There is no way we can pwn these noobs, we'd better call up some fewbs."
by Aplc0r! January 12, 2006
12 9
Over confidant developers who bombastically challenge more legitimate establishments, obviously dominant of their own.
Person A: Some fewbers just challenged our forum to a battle of wits.
Person B: What? Like TFC?
Person A: Yeah, lol.
by Klaser May 08, 2005
20 17
a fat, jewish, british person. Usually the person in the group everyone hates.
That henry is such a fewb, why do we ever hang out with him.

The Fewb is so stingy with his potato pancakes.
by NorCal killa March 23, 2010
0 2