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Over confidant developers who bombastically challenge more legitimate establishments, obviously dominant of their own.
Person A: Some fewbers just challenged our forum to a battle of wits.
Person B: What? Like TFC?
Person A: Yeah, lol.
by Klaser May 08, 2005
Keyboard of shame is any iOS app that has not been updated to support iOS 7 and still uses the old interface style.
There are a lot of apps, such as Trainyard, still on the store, some of them suffering from app rot have the keyboard of shame.
#app rot #unsupported #decay #end of life #sunset
by Klaser February 22, 2014
App rot is when a developer builds an app and then abandons it, leaving it to wither away without any future support or updates.
Trainyard by Matt Rix hasn't been updated in almost 3 years. It's beginning to suffer from app rot.
#unsupported #end of life #decay #sunset #keyboard of shame
by Klaser February 22, 2014
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