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Generally means three. No less than three can be slightly more. Three is the most common number associated with few.
I will buy a few books at the store.
by Annonymous1221 January 12, 2008
Few are endowed with
Don't worry, few's perfection.
by Hercolena Oliver August 24, 2009
a couple including an extra person/people
Oh my goodness they are such a cute few.
by cayser March 18, 2009
Fews ( foose)

Noun (plural) ; Stereotypic jewish people, who proceed to make "fag" moves.

adj; a combination between the words "jews" and "fags", refers to a person who has strict monetary principle, who also engages in homosexual situations and activities.
A teacher who refuses to show your report card because of a $00.50 library fee can be refered to as a fews.
by Nick&Pete November 21, 2011
Future Ex-Wife; a girl that has a bangin body that you would, mary and sex the ___ out of her but then will have to divorce cause she b*tches too much
Damn there is a FEW.

dude look at that FEW.
by TheJewFroKid February 11, 2009
FEW is an abbreviation for Fat Elepahnt Whore. It is a name given to females that don't listen to someone speaking to them. It is an ironic name to the fact that elephants have big ears.
"Dawne, you're such a FEW"
by GUI64 September 16, 2008
Future Ex-Wife
Wow... that A2T is gonna be my FEW.
by siphon colder July 15, 2003