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Compound word of the french word "fête" (party) and "retard", referring to one who parties excessively and puts himself in painfully embarrassing situations.
"Claire woke up this morning to discover that she had lost her thong and her phone somewhere between the club and the after-party last night."
"That doesn't surprise me, she's such a fetard."
by SophieColine August 04, 2009
Short for "fucking retard".
I used to work like a fetard. Now i'll just work normal hours.
by Tearofdeception July 28, 2008
a disgustingly hideous fetus that is mentally retarted and can sometimes come out slower than most newborn babies
When my newborn baby fetard came out of the whome i instantly smashed its disgusting face with a swift strike with a mallet!
by G.B.Z.A. May 03, 2006
Any person who plays the Fire Emblem video game series, a series often abbreviated as "FE." FEtards are egregiously stupid fanboys that think any SRPG without the trademark "Fire Emblem" is instantly a rip-off and not worth even looking at.
"I call FE5 normal hard since a) it is and b) so I can call Elite mode "easy" because people get confused when you tell them elite mode is for wimps." - Random FEtard ramblings.
by Strawberry Nessiah July 26, 2006

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