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someone who has minimal lips and no chin
The TV show M*A*S*H included Major Frank Burns, aka "Ferret Face".
by Hot Lips Houlihan July 01, 2003
When a man or woman has a mustache SO thick that it looks as if a ferret, has crawled up on their face. Usually you cant hear what they are saying whatsoever because of that HUGE mustache.
"OMG I couldnt hear that stupid FerretFace at the assembly"
"I know right? His stache had its own zip code bro"
by TaylorLautnerFreak May 14, 2010
someone with a fat face, skinny body, dark hair and light skin. just resembles a ferret. idealy has "jewish" looking hair (curly)
That Erika girl has a ferret face
by nationtay11 April 04, 2010
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