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slang for ferocious minus the ous with an added osh.
You were so ferosh in Pirates of Penzance rehearsal today, you were definitely the most intimidating pirate. I was shaking in my boots whenever you said ARRR.
by themostferosh January 17, 2008
fierce; very impressive, remarkable, or outstanding; inspiring awe, admiration, or wonderment; a way to describe the high one might get from a drug, dance club, or party; (thought to be derived from "ferocious" as an alternate way of saying "fierce" as it became over-used specifically in gay culture). SEE ALSO the circuit song by Alan T entitled "Ferosh".
The tina I got from that drag queen was FEROSH!
by chicagojosh77 August 09, 2007
Meaning "ferocious", and applicable to hot guys or people with fashion sense; people who are zesty, feisty, and assertive in life; anything that is really stylish and vogue. Also applicable to anything that is just too cool to be true; things with zing, pop, wow factor and feistiness. Antonyms: douche bag 9000, douche bag squared, lame, limp, otherwise unsatisfactory, ugly. Negative version: not ferosh.
"Henry wears a lot of Prada. That's so ferosh."

"'Members Only' jackets are not ferosh," Ben said.
by benrybreak2 September 10, 2008