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OSH- Short for- OH SHIT!
OSH, I forgot my lunch money..OMFG!!!!!!!
by Alvin Lee October 20, 2004
Osh is in short the same as a prostitute or other such words including; Hoe, Whore, Slag, Slut, Prozzie etc etc
Louis:Did u link that gash tha other day
Michael:yea mans linked dat she gave me shines
Louis:Shes a osh blud
#osh #oshting #hoe #waste gash #waste
by Loonatik August 05, 2006
Acronym for "Oh Shit Handle"; the handle above the door inside some vehicles that you hold onto when taking a sharp curve at high speeds.
(Reaching for the ceiling in a car) Dammit, this car doesn't have an OSH!!!
#oh #shit #handle #o.s.h. #o.s. handle
by DTClarke April 28, 2010
The OS Hideout (or OSH) is a community where users talk about hip-hop, sports talk, and life in general. The OSH has built in board money where users can wager their earned money on sporting events and rise to the top of the casino standings. The original OSH started in January of 2005 and had over 150,000 posts before moving to a new home in October 2005. The member list of the OSH includes respected members of the IGN community along with members of many rap community boards. The diverse list makes for intelligent and interesting conversations and debates. Sports, music, technology, and compelling news stories are some of the more talked about topics on the board. Hideout
The OSH is a tight-knit community that has many great and respected users from all over the internet.
#osh #oshideout #ign #worldgamerz #sports #music #community
by PackEST December 03, 2005
"oh shit" or "oh my god" You would speak this word if you were surprised.
Chrissy: "Look its Rowan!"

Steph: "Osh! ew i hate him!!!"
#osh #chrissy #rowan #steph #surprised
by Stephanie J Q April 14, 2010
In the EMS, if you walk up to a call that is wretched it has the OSH factor. It's the formal way of saying oh shit!
Guy is walking across the street gets hit by a car going 45mph, and you can't tell if that's his body or someone spilt soup on the side of the road

EMT: "OSH!!!!"
#shit #emergency #bad #horrible #good
by cojak January 29, 2009
Oral Sex Hardcore...and also my friend
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