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fierce. to it's highest extent. both in the sense of the word fierce and just because it sounds much sexier.
(Raeveen at the hair salon)

Raeveen: aye girl! I want a haaayercuht.
Salon chick: awwwryht, lyk how?
Raeveen: like this! -shows picture of Selena
Gomez- I want you to cuhtt mah bangs like hurrr.
Salon chick: awwwryt. datta be teeeyen dollas.
Raeveen: forizzle? OH HELL NAH. I wanna be lookin' FERAWRCIOUS buh if it's gunna be that expensive, I aint payinn . fie dollas er NUFFIN.
Salon chick: fine then BITCH. fie dollas.
SECKSiE ferawrcious like Selena Gomez! fuck yeahhhhh .
by Leenofreddo. April 12, 2009
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