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inoffensive term used by protestants in the north of ireland to try and annoy the rightful inhabitants of the whole of ireland. comes from the fianna in irish mythology and then was hijacked by irish immigrants in the states to form the fenian brotherhood who fought for irish freedom by sitting in bars in new york and lamented about ould ireland who then went on to ram their country of origin down everybodys throat by having st patricks day marches and thanks to them 90 percent of americans lay claim to irish descent on one day of the year when it suits them.
the fools the fools they have left us our fenian dead.
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006
101 153
Irish bandit from the 18th century. laterly term adopted in the US for Irish freedom fighters
the red coats wont go in the place is full of fenians
by Brian October 09, 2003
62 115
a proud irish warrior with a superior intellect, a great artistic eye, talent for music and an unbelievable sexual prowess
stiofain x is a total fenian
by stiofain x January 03, 2004
104 175
True Irish Warrior
Don't mess with a fenian he'll fuck you up!
by Main Clart April 07, 2003
99 171
Bravest Irish men who ever lived
The Fenian men fought until not a one was standing
by Wilhelm January 25, 2004
138 220