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A small lovable animal of the marmot family, which has a slinky for a spine, and a thieves way of finding all of your loot and distributing it back in there own hiding places.
"Honey, have you seen where the ferret hid my keys?"
by Gueethepagan May 04, 2005
Also known as the Fianna, a brave group of celtic warriors of olde who were led by the Irish Hero Finn Mac Cumhail.
The Fenian warriors were not to be trifled with.
by GueethePagan April 16, 2005
When combining the words ARSE and ANAL we learn how the English Premiership came up with a rather clever way to name a team ARSENAL. Like arse-anal but said together its arsenal!
Arsenal watches Chelsea take away their hopes!
by Gueethepagan May 04, 2005
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