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1. the gift that keeps on giving
2. cold sores on your cajones or lady parts
3. one of many reasons to wear condoms
4. one of the reasons you never want to hear your partner yell "O God it burns Kill me kill me now" when they urinate
O holy crap I do hope my urine is green from the Saint Pats day beer and not herpes
by Wilhelm January 29, 2004
1.A drink with such a potent punch it will put hair on your chest then burn it off
2.Something hillbillys make when they cant afford to go to town to buy beer and of whiskey
3.A drink known to cause blindness and second only to petrol in potency
Damn boy you drink moonshine why dont you just go huff some paint thinner
by Wilhelm January 29, 2004
crap name i mean waalex how crap
hello im waalex and im a batty
by Wilhelm October 13, 2003
Called opiate for the masses but how can something that spawns war possibly be considered a Opiate bloody Ironic isnt it
If religion is the Opiate I dont want to find the speed
by Wilhelm February 04, 2004
erotic pleasure for a man lasting approximately 45 minutes
ryan went on vacation with caitlin while samir went on vacation surfing the internet
by wilhelm June 25, 2004
Bravest Irish men who ever lived
The Fenian men fought until not a one was standing
by Wilhelm January 25, 2004
Pecker Wood Pride used by a bunch of skin heads who belong to the Pecker wood gang often tatooed on a persons arm to show their hatred against people who are diffrent
PWP yo bitch u better not be of mixed race or Ill kick your ass *Note said with a red neck accent*
by Wilhelm January 27, 2004
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