could be some one whos gay, someone who cant drive or could also be for a tremo or wammy bar on a guitar, or just fender bendin could mean playin the all origonal blues style on on a strat.
fender bender, he i'm goin up to partaaay with the most beautiful thing on this god given earth the fender stratocaster,

he bender boy watch where you going, boi you cant drive fo shit
by bute September 19, 2005
idiot with no driving skills, no license no life and no social skills
probably a woman
by shiny-head, but not bald September 05, 2003
A sexual position, where the man sits backwards on a woman's face and receives analingus, while simultaneously he 'titty fucks' her breasts.

Also known as the 'Reverse titty fuck' or 'Rusty titty fuck'
Your mom gave me a fender bender last night. or Your mom and I got into a fender bender last night
by Sutts00 October 13, 2014

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