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People who are obsessed with calling others "dude" and "bro" and "dudebro."
My room mate is a brobot.
by Seamus December 11, 2004
a term for jock and fratboy types(also often refered to as bros or brodogs) who often use the term bro and seem to be like mindless robots in their interests, hobbies and lifestyle. a combination of the terms bro and robot.
I can't stand those brobots moved in next door. I never should have moved so close to campus.
by darkmugan October 31, 2006
A male anon on /r9k/.
A male version of /r9k/'s fembot.
OP: Theres a girl in my bed. My parents are awake downstairs. She is a landwhale, and she won't wake up. drunk night out. really embarrassing don't want my Dad to see her. What do /r9k/ :(

Brobot: Write on her face.

OP: Done.

Brobot: OP is a fellow brobot who actually pulls through.
by Some Fembot June 26, 2012
A robot made especially to be a bro. It is known to shut down during long periods of boring tasks such as jobs or cleaning.
Person 1 -"Damn, no one wants to go to the club with me to pick up some chicks." Bro-bot - "Yo homie dawg, I'll go with ya bro."
Person 2 - "Ugh, I have to go on an interview for J.P. Morgan, you wanna come?" Brobot - "Shutting down, party over bro."
by Brobot 4 lyfe December 07, 2010
middle aged black men who run around with those blue tooth attachments stuck to their head - makes them look like Lobot from Empire Strikes Back.

In France and Louisiana they may be referred to as BreauxBots.
Brobot was standing next to me talking and I thought he was talking to me, only to realize he was on the phone using his Brobot blue tooth headset thingy.
by yamominem May 30, 2011
A bro who methodically brings a bro friend flat brimmed Knicks hats, tanning oil and Dumbbells.
Chad: Tony, bro. Where'd you get that sweet hat and Dumbbells?
Tony: Yeah bruh. Got it from my Brobot, Trent.
by broboi69 June 03, 2016
The group of people known as bro's. Bro's tend to dress the same because they dont have any creativity or style of their own. Hence, Bro-bots.
group of bros move in direction of metal party
Metal Bob: whoa... theres an army of... BRO-BOTS!
Metal Dave: Shit man, talk about attack of the clones!
bro's: YO digity-daaaaaaawg! Let us in.
Metal Bob: Hell no, no bro's allowed.
bro's: does not compute. system overload.
by Cody Spagrud May 10, 2007
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