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Fembots is an abbreviation for feminist robots; it captures the way feminists are herd-thinkers, not critical observers with the capacity for working an issue through by themselves. Fembots are ideologues, people whose knees "jerk" when subjected to the appropriate stimulus, which is commonly a challenge to their belief system. The robotic qualities of feminism are due to many things, not the least of which is that gender-feminism is a self-referential cult, not a philosophy of truth. The responses of this movement are pre-programmed. Finally, latter-day feminism is a descendent of totalitarian, or Utopian thought systems; like Stalinism, gender-feminism cannot tolerate independent thinking.
"Suggest that women abuse their husbands as often as husbands abuse their wives. It has been statistically established. Nevertheless, fembots will spout a denial on cue.
by TheRedPillWorks January 14, 2012
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