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the politically correct term for the species formerly known as "cat"
cats around the world, tired from centuries of discrimination and marginalizing language, threw off the shackles of oppression and took up the indentity of felino-americans.
by dizzzzzz October 19, 2005

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Politically correct name for member of the feline species.
" It appears that Yolanda died sometime last week and her thirty-odd felino-americans feasted on the corpse."
and: "The democrats are expecting a clean sweep after they promised to put crazy women's felino-americans on medicare."
by J E Walker April 29, 2003
An American of Latino heritage who fellates. (See also: felcasian-, felfro-, felnese- and feliut-.)
Jorge was a felino-American and had few friends in his Marine rifle squad; his sister, Juanita, however enjoyed wide popularity in the squad.
by harry flashman July 19, 2003