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A rather long winded fellow who posts on several message boards.
Apparently he has long hair.
Likes to post posts over five or six paragraphs long and use big words.
Saw the chicken, didn't read the post, sure it was meaningful though.
by Mastertypo February 05, 2005
1. Skilled former Guardian of the city of Tal'beth. Wields a bokken augmented with his own awakened chi. One of the most skilled swordsmen in the multiverse. Currently residing in the nexus of the multiverse known as the Mazeworks completing missions for the Keeper. 2. Denizen of various message boards who tends to rant endlessly if given the chance. Tries to make himself appear more intelligent by using a highly expanded vocabulary and cunning word usage.
1. Feighlogh could kick Shan Lung's ass.
2. After Feighlogh says something, there isnt much left to say.
by Jacob January 09, 2005
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