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The highly intelligent, witty, grammatically-correct and aesthetically-sublime individuals that constitute the membership of the Tim Minchin forum.

These feeters are known to have issues with txt spk and grammers problem. They don't always brush their hair in the morning so it will look a little bit more like Tim's, they have resorted to making their own merchandise, they randomly say "maths" when anyone mentions a miracle, they take their canvas bags to the supermarket, and they get annoyed over bumper stickers that say "magic happens". Feeters have named their goldfish Tony, regardless of gender, and are known to get ridiculously over defensive when anyone says anything bad about Tim.

Feeters say "mas" instead of "lol".
Person 1: "So I was on the forum last night.."
Person 2: "You're such a feeter"
Person 1: "I would ask you if you've downloaded 'Ready for This?' by Tim Minchin off iTunes, but you're such a feeter that I already know the answer."
Person 2: mas.
by mildly amused smirk August 20, 2009
When you insert your (probably cold) feet in between another person's clenched thighs in order to warm them up. Feet must be placed halfway between the knee and hip.

Step 1. Place feet in position.
Step 2. Activate feeter by telling your host to squeeze down.
Step 3. Notice the warming effect. The feeter is working.
Step 4. Imagine that the feeter is an oven of squishy flesh.
Step 5. Remove feet from feeter, you are freaked out.
Step 6. Get feet cold and repeat steps 1 through 5.
Hey man, I forgot my shoes and need to use your feeter.

Yo my homey, I just got all up in that feeter but then I got freaked out. What's up with you?

Hey baby my feets are cold! Can I put 'em in your feeter?
by Joobynana December 12, 2011
a. A measurement of distance used while viewing members of the opposite sex.
b. A variable distance measurement that is more than a foot, yet less than a meter.
That woman looked great at 20 feeters, but once she got closer her butterface became clearly visible.
by My357Magnum January 23, 2006
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