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A FEETERS, when FEETERS, gets banned on Habbo Hotel, she feels the need to pick another stupid name without any meaning.
See: FEETERS, or cunt
Oh hi I'm Vicky and I'm Libres on Habbo Hotel.
by Propellers August 23, 2008
An annoying 11 year old who pretends to be 16 and plays Habbo Hotel all day long. Usually very ugly and very fat, and often has a lot of people hating her.
Also has a nasaly voice and is often seen singing "SUNDAY MORNING RAIN IS FALLINGGGG." If you hear this, you should probably cover your ears or run for cover.
Oh hi, my name is Vicky, I'm FEETERS, on habbo hotel!
by Propellers August 23, 2008
A sexy ass bitch on Habbo Hotel who is yummy in my tummy and cums all over my face.
will you go out with me ck/skier this is not a mass
hah no
by Propellers August 23, 2008

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