Feep (fēp)

v. feeped, feep·ing, feeps

v. intr.

To permit the escape of a sexual opportunity.

Note on etymology: The origin of the word "feep" dates back to the late 1990s, when a relocated Pennsylvanian, affectionately referred to as Feep by his peers, first began attempting to have sex with women. His numerable and seemingly endless failures resulted in the formulation of the above word derived from his name.
Rather than engaging in coitus, the two lovebirds spooned and watched the overrated holiday comedy Elf. When the two ate breakfast the following morning, and she flirted relentlessly with the waiter, it became obvious that he feeped another opportunity.
by Flum May 05, 2009
Top Definition
The jittery feelings one experiences when they are about to get laid.
I got a major case of the feeps as I was booking the hotel.
by SpongeSeb November 18, 2014
A silent fart, usually released intentionally by the splitting apart of one's buttocks to eliminate the vibration.
"I didn't want my girlfriend to hear me fart while we were in bed, so I feeped."
by j1ggy December 09, 2011
Facebook peeps.
Joe: What do you want to do tonight?
Ed: I don't know. Let me see what's trending on Twitter.
Joe: And I'll ask my feeps.
Raul: You guys suck. I'm outta here.
by yoeks123456789 December 26, 2010
The feelings of your peeps
the group had some pretty sad feeps
by cakellama June 04, 2015
n. A crowd of ugly or scary people, as in fugly-peeps, or v. to emphasize how much of a creeper you are, as in freaking creeps.
Usage 1:
"Dude, look those feeps over there are giving me the willies. Why are their faces inside out?"

Usage 2:
"I tell you, he feeps that girl all day long! It's a wonder she hasn't called the police."
by Finklestein_nine March 16, 2009
(noun) pronunciation - "feep"
1. A term specific to a peer group developed on the popular social networking site Facebook. Origin is an amalgam of "Facebook" and "peep", a popular informal term for friends and compatriots.
Example - "A big shout-out to my FEEPs that this is the term I will use to refer to you from this point forward. I suggest you own it - t-shirts will be delivered shortly."
by Unchainedgourmet December 18, 2011
1. A person you've friended on Facebook 2. Any person on Facebook. 3. Any social site friend. Melding of face and peep, or friend and peep.
"I want to seed this to my feeps, like yesterday." I want to share this with all my facebook friends right away.
by Fred Merry August 23, 2009
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