little bo peep's little brother
Feep was always teasing little bo peep's sheep.
by jen1968 March 25, 2008
To foop (fart + poop) and pee at the same time. Often difficult to manage.
DUDE I just feeped. It was incredible.
by kelliq January 12, 2010
a gay jeep. Like a jeep compass. Comes from mixing fag and jeep.
"That guy thinks he is going to get through the snow in that feep, Im gonna go fuck his mom."
by rossy22 May 20, 2010
slang for a hairy vagina
Matt: Dang, I stuck my hand in her pants and it felt like an animal was down there!
Luke: Oh, she must have a feep.

Girl 1: I need to shave!
Girl 2: Oh yeah, you don't want to get a feep.
by lalalastuff July 01, 2010
Fart noise.
*feep* Was her fart noise.
by Atropa January 08, 2004
Australian slang for a person of african decent. Similar to nigger, negro, coon etc.
Get out of my shop you fucken feeps!!
by Coronista February 26, 2004

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