commonly used to describe someone you dont know when pointing them out to others
look at that feen over there
by chadsexington4 October 04, 2006
vain, but rightly so.
taken from the style of feenikz the nixus irc oper who is really z0mp
"Damn he is so sexy."
"yeah but also quite feen"
by Paul August 12, 2004
Someone who craves crack 24/7 and can't get it off their mind.
"look at the feen over there smellin' like shit!"
"man, that shits foul"
by vinshady January 10, 2006
A shortened version of Josephine, used as a nickname.
"Hello, Feen! What's up?"

"Feen is my friend."

"Feen is totally cool!"
by Josie Kroenenbourgistein November 08, 2005
1. To crave a drug that you habitually use. This induces stress and behavioral abnormalities. When the drug is administered, symptoms subside.

2. To crave anything.
"Man, I been feenin' fo a hit o' crack all day!"

"Man, I'm feenin for some pussy. I aint been laid in forever."
by beelzedub September 27, 2005
a serious drug user. You can tell that they use drugs cause they're skinny, look sick and weakly.
Someone call 911 i think that feen collapsed again.
by Dasia July 30, 2003
When you think about something 24/7 and you cant get it off your mind, like craving drugs.
I'm feening for some ice cream.
by Naray April 22, 2005

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