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I first heard this in 2004 but apparently it's been around since 2002. It means: wanting something really badly; yearning; craving; to be a fiend for/of; a corrupted version of the word “fiend”, often used in the trying-to-quit, or broke (as in no money), addiction community.
Dang - all those Outback commercials have got me feenin' for some steak!
by Tulip April 04, 2004
a square-shaped figure with skinny arms and legs whom finds his pride and joy at the krusty krab: also known as a sponge
wow...SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS makes some mightly fine krabby pattys!
by tulip March 16, 2003
Applied to the concept that a mother and her care pretty much defines a person, by making a feeble insult attempting to slander the mother and therefore indirectly slander the person one is talking to.
Guy 1: This movie sucks
Guy 2: Your mom sucks
by Tulip March 03, 2005

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