A shortened version of "fiend" as in to fiend for something, jonesing, jonesin' etc. Usually when so desperate for addictive substance that the "feen" or person "feening" doesn't have time to complete the pronounciation of words, let alone entire sentences. Abbreviated for fiend.
1 a : DEVIL 1 b : DEMON c : a person of great wickedness or maliciousness
2 : a person extremely devoted to a pursuit or study : FANATIC *a golf fiend*
3 : ADDICT 1 *a dope fiend*
4 : WIZARD 3 *a fiend at mathematics*
When I ran out of pot, I got crazy-like yo', I was fiending... But now that I'm addicted to crack, all I can ever do is run around all crazy-da-bomb like super-yo'! and feen, I'm like feenin' all the time now...
by ampudroid August 21, 2007
Top Definition
From Cork city in Ireland - slang term for a male
"See dat feen over dere like - he's a right langer"
Translation: "Look at that male over there. He is not a nice person."
by starchaser February 06, 2004
Used by people who listen to other people who have no idea what they are talking about. At some point I assume somewhere between Generation X and Y someone overheard a word being used and misinterpred it. Now legions of people born after 1977 are saying the word Feen. The word used which they misheard is Fiend defined as a person who is craving something in a maniacle way.
improper use of said non-word:

I'm feening some weed!

propper use:

I'm fiending some weed!
by swoopert February 16, 2005
Is the Irish Traveller word for Man. it comes from Irish Traveller language and found its way into slang in many area's in Ireland especailly in Cork and Limerick. Other common Traveller words in Cork and Limerick slang are beoir - girl, feek - Kiss/Sleep with, Subla - Child,
Who's dat Feen dere talkin to Martin, thats Micheal Mc Donagh
by KDK23 April 06, 2008
(n) Norwegian. A town where almost every street is called Feenveien. Check out your favourite online mapping application iff'n you don't believe it.
I'm going to Feen this afternoon - can you help me find me way? I believe I head for Stokke, then take a number of Feenveien until I magically land in the right spot.
by NaughtyJim October 29, 2010
To want, obsess over something
Why are you feening for that Fat CHICK?
by Zack Anstett March 10, 2008
Feen (n)/(v)
Deriving from the word fiend; It was created by ignorant methuen children who misinterpreted the word fiend. They had no idea what it meant or how to spell it so they came up with feen. For a definition, please see "Fiend".
Dumbass: Yo nigga you be feening on that shit.

Smarty Pants: Hey man, you mean fiend? and fiend isn't a verb?
by J-Roun March 22, 2011
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