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The perpetual and sustained usage of verbiage containing a minimum of 4 syllables in order to portray the appearance of superior knowledge to those surrounding your immediate presence. While the inventory of words used is rather limited, they are rotated on a daily basis. Prior to the utterance of such a term, there must be an exaggerated pause to further enunciate the importance of the forthcoming wonderment. This is known as the Feeley Pause. This usually leaves those surrounding you in internal laughter - if they can hold it in.
The entire preceding definition is a premium example of a Feeley.
by Intimated June 21, 2006
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1. The all-senses version of a movie or motion picture as created in the distopian futuristic novel, "Brave New World"
2. An irish person with oddly enlarged blue eyes, a pathological need to record events, and usually without natural haircolor (commonly indigenous of briar patches)
3. One who is incapable of doing simple choreography
1. Did you see the feeley last night? That was trippy. Let's get some soma and feel better!
2. The Feeley in my neighborhood writes about me in her journal.
3. Somehow even a Feeley managed to get cast in a musical.
by Rey Beltane November 16, 2008

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