a feek is a way of discribing someone you are attracted to or you think is very good looking

usually used in the west of Ireland and mainly in schools in Galway
Girl 1- Wow do you see that guy across the road well he's the guy i like.
Girl 2- oh so thats the guy i dont blame you he's a Feek
Girl 1- ya i know he's the biggest Feek in our school!
by GuitarGirl67 July 05, 2007
Top Definition
verb, mainly used in the rough parts of ireland as another word to snog/shag/go out with. usually used by the chav-like people of ireland.
i feeked this bird last night.
is he feeking her?
fancy a feek?
by dave February 21, 2005
means to have intercourse with.
used widely in limerick.
mossy- " id feek de arse off her!"
by hadabileep April 08, 2006
Irish slang term, mainly in limerick, for the description of fucking someone hard.
look at him feekin the box off her over there in the corner.
by a.garvey September 06, 2007
Once described by Murty Ryan of Limerick City, Ireland, the feek, or 'getting da feek' is a diverse sexual encounter with a member of the opposite sex.
Feeked that byour behind superdine a few weeks ago for a malboro light.... Fact
by Shane Tighe from soloway November 14, 2010
Its a Cork slang word
Meaning riding,having sex with a beour/girl.

E.g Do you wana feek? meaning do u wana av sex

Shes a feek boi.= Shes a ride
E.g Do you wana feek? meaning do u wana av sex

Shes a feek boi.= Shes a ride
by cubelawwwwd July 16, 2009
a girl that tries to get with football players and does whatever for them before games, after games, or any day
Wheres the Feek ? Tell her come to the locker room and blow
by Skinny Nigga Big Balls October 15, 2012
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