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1- A term used to describe having fun. Usually related to sexual acts.

2- An exclamatory remark, a call for action.
1- "Hey, Marielle, want to go to that frat party tonight? I wanna buss it!"

2- "Buss it!"
by HottMesss December 24, 2009
Something that pussies will tell you about when they aren't getting laid. Like if you don't do it for a while you become pure again.
"Well, you could always go for revirginization ..."
"Abstain? Me? Only if I don't have choice."
by HottMesss December 26, 2009
1. n. one who smokes a lot of pot.

2. n. a gathering in which a group smokes a lot of pot
1. Dude you are such a smokealotopotamus!

2. Man we're gonna go smokealotopotamus, you down?
by HottMesss March 15, 2010
adj. used to describe something that of or pertaining to desperation.
I mean Sigma Chi? It reeks of desprisity.
by HottMesss March 15, 2010
A term used by cute girls instead of the harsher alternative. A replacement for the F-word.
Marielle: "Aw feek, this paper is never gonna get finished."
Katey: "I feeking hate school sometimes."
by HottMesss December 24, 2009
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