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Feeg is used to replace anyword you can't say, don't know how to say or just don't feel like saying.
You rotten feeg!
Oh, feeg that!
I went to some other feeg yesterday...
Go lick someone else's feeg
by villianette January 17, 2004
Meaning 'fag', which is a shorterned version of faggot, being a general insult
The person who keeps deleting my submissions on urbandictoinary.com is a feeg
by david February 17, 2005
A feeg is a half faggot. A feeg is a half homosexual, I get this from a very reliable source.
Andy: "Dude's a feeg"
Roger: What's a feeg?
Andy:It's a half fag.
by MikeyRite October 01, 2009
A generally understood term for Electronic Arts; responsible for the destruction of large portions of the gaming industry.
Those feegs took down Interplay with their feegs marketing and cartoonish games.
by FireSeven May 19, 2005