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Meaning 'fag', which is a shorterned version of faggot, being a general insult
The person who keeps deleting my submissions on is a feeg
by david February 17, 2005
Feeg is used to replace anyword you can't say, don't know how to say or just don't feel like saying.
You rotten feeg!
Oh, feeg that!
I went to some other feeg yesterday...
Go lick someone else's feeg
by villianette January 17, 2004
A feeg is a half faggot. A feeg is a half homosexual, I get this from a very reliable source.
Andy: "Dude's a feeg"
Roger: What's a feeg?
Andy:It's a half fag.
by MikeyRite October 01, 2009
A generally understood term for Electronic Arts; responsible for the destruction of large portions of the gaming industry.
Those feegs took down Interplay with their feegs marketing and cartoonish games.
by FireSeven May 19, 2005
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