When you pee and fart at the same time. Almost like a shart, but with pee. When it happens, your pee comes out along with your fart. Usually only happens to girls.
(Girl 1 )- HAHAHHAHAHAH ! What a funny joke !


(Girl 1)- CRAP ! I just feed my pants !

(Girl 2)- HA! sucks.
by Himmie G ! January 04, 2009
When you do something really clumsy, but it appears as really cute.
My little sister is such a Fee, but we totally love her anyway.

Aww, you've just been Feeing all day.
by afrodaz April 28, 2010
Short for "Coffee". Usually used when too tired or hung-over, and it's way too much effort to speak the entire word.
Jim,(upon awakening): "Fee?" (Has anybody made some coffee? / Will someone please bring me some coffee?)

Keven: (mumbles something unintelligible)
by Loudin Obnoxious July 24, 2008
Feeing, or Feeage, means taking an aerial urination.
I feed so high it was beyond eye level.

This toilet's a mess... Did you fee all up in this place?
by FeeKing April 05, 2011
used to say i see or just thrown in at random times to be gay popular in kansas city
"yeah i fee" "you totally got feed" "wow fee is the gayest thing ive ever said and i say it way to much" "i love cum you fee?"
by witt101man August 11, 2009
a) a word that describes leavin

b) also can be used to tell some one to fuck off
i'm fuckin over it man, i reckon its time to fee

i wish this cunt would fee, he's doing my head in
by bbbaz July 22, 2008
Big Tall and stupid. IQ of a shovel. Term used to describe people of lesser inteligence, lower level of thinking.
That kid is such a chris fee
by Jimmethy December 23, 2007
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