the number which precedes foe.
moeesha had to pay fo foe diet cokes, but alas only could afford fee.
by jbass January 27, 2005
cool, good
yo son my dick is 10 inches
fee augi. look up augi
by Armenian GOD April 17, 2003
Big Tall and stupid. IQ of a shovel. Term used to describe people of lesser inteligence, lower level of thinking.
That kid is such a chris fee
by Jimmethy December 23, 2007
a person who tries to use the same lines, and "pouting" to get girls to do something with him... usually successfully, but little known to him... everything is known by at least one; wanna be pimp; vertically challenged... in more ways than one
"Look at the fee try his stuff."
"yeah, he tried that on me yesterday."
by K-S June 11, 2003
Lazy bum that shows no ability of preparing a cheese toastie.
You're so Fee! Get off your Fee ass and make your own food!
by Alex December 17, 2004
a one eyed creature who drives a jeep
Look in that black jeep, there is a Fee.
by mmk May 25, 2003
originated from Feeser, as in the last name. It can refer to many things such as having gingivitis, or simply doing something stupid, or being an idiot.
"That was so fees."
by ab0vesuspici0n February 19, 2004

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