A wide-brimmed hat popularized in the early 1900's, but now has become the symbol for pretentious losers who live in their mother's basements everywhere.
Nick: Alright bro, let's go pick up some bitches at this bonfire!

Rick: Please don't tell me you're actually gonna wear that.

Nick: What? It's a fedora. It says I'm classy.

Rick: No it doesn't, it says "I jerk it to pictures of ponies and play cod all day because I don't even have a job" Now take that thing off and let's go.
by lightning_troubadour September 24, 2014
It is seen as the ultimate status symbol of the neckbeards, a hat that contains powerful information, which is coded in the motherboard, located in the liner tip of the aforementioned hat. Information such as when wil be the next cringey event (the one that's nearest to their actual location at the time), a manual of how to preserve the neckbeard in a world full of friendzoned comrades and even an almost infinite database of quotes about atheism and obscure internet forums.

It represents the class of the wearer, which is ranged from Private Neckbeard to General Brony Master. These ranks can be escalated by the wearer of the fedora by purchasing many different styles, giving them a name, and thus, reaching a far more excruciating level of stupidity (which they associate with being "edgy".
I am an atheist with strong conviction and i'm here to defend my beliefs even when if no one gives a fuck about them *tips fedora*
by AmorphousBeast January 20, 2015
A suave ha worn by the scumiest of the scum, rachet dogs of the world who deserve nothing more then death
Boys wear Nikes, men wear fedoras
by Slyyydog May 31, 2014
An operating system, based on linux, that's run by the public. RedHat started it, and now they're saying they are not responsible for it. It's also multiplatform, so it runs on PowerPC, 32-Bit, and 64-Bit.
I'm downloading Fedora using BitTorrent.
by Alex N September 22, 2005
A beautiful girl with no flaws. Openly sexual but very popular. Smart, funny and stunning.
"Wow that must Fedora, she's stunning
by my stinky bum March 06, 2015
fake gucci that mystical creatures wear
by FA-DORA August 08, 2010
The act of performing dirty sexual acts upon a mom.
EG: I fedorad your mom
by The Fedora King August 21, 2006

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