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Fedo is someone who is easy to love. A person who is bright and funny. Someone who is a smart ass but you love that person anyways. This person is someone you never want to let go.
That Fedo right there in Utah is mine and I love him forever.
by iStalkYourMom July 02, 2010
badass, awesome, intellegent, pothead, cool, rebel
Dude, he is such a fedo!
by Fedo February 03, 2010
Amazing person; Easy to love; Funny; Handsome; Anything you could ever want; Smart; Clever; Adorable; Sweet;
Dear, Fedo: You are an amazing person who is easy to love. You are funny, handsome and anything anyone could ever want. You are also smart, clever, adorable and sweet. I love you.
by iStalkYourMom July 02, 2010

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