A Feb, also commonly known as "femo" is a "fit emo boy"
Because face it, the dark hair and eye liner combined with hot skinny jeans is just...*sighs* magic.
Febs are a rare and dying breed of boys that are sensetive and stand apart from the ugly yob culture.
Although theres a collection of "wannabe febs" boys who pretend their emo by taking photos of themselves on myspace or bebo and other social networks to get girls after them.
Face it, Febs are scrump-diddly-umptious!

Examples of celebrity febs are: Brendon urie and Ryan ross, the hot celebrity members of Las Vegas band panic! at the disco, also Frank Iero and Gerard way of My Chemical
romance are also examples of celebrity febs.
febs in a sentance:
J: "Omg! look at that dude in the skinny jeans! how hot?"
S: "OMg! what a feb!!"
*both in borat voice*: "he's niiiice!"
by Oddbobkins January 08, 2008
Top Definition
Fucking English Bastard
The Feb wore green wellies.
by chird March 01, 2004
Full English Breakfast

English cuisine at its best. Must include kippers, smoked haddock, bacon, sausage, fried egg, fried tomatoes, mushroom, black pudding, toast, orange marmelade and copious amounts of breakfast tea. Not to be confused with Breakfast of Champignons
A f.e.b. sets you up for the day
by Peter N Carr October 01, 2006
This random word all over this kid's firefighter shirt. Now, its a common term with an unknown meaning. Fun to yell at people.
by Katrina&Chloe June 10, 2011
Fuck everybody.

An acronym for when you are sick of the world and everyone in it.
"F.E.B. I'm tired of all the bullshit."
by CDubNY April 06, 2008
a short form for february. also known as short form for names, boys and girls. rhymes with fab and fap. means fabulous fapper.
feb! let's go out tonight, you always fap. what is wrong with you?

fap is love fap is life.
by febber October 26, 2015
Pronounced Feb as if abbreviating the month of February 1. A fucking English Bastard. 2. A polite way of calling an English person a Fucking English Bastard to their face. Primarily used by the Scottish, and Irish.
pardon me sir but can you direct me to the queens head pub No problem F.E.B. go to the roundabout and piss off
by imfraeglesga August 11, 2010
a Fake Emo Bitch
or a person who dresses and acts emo but talks and hangs around preppy people.
Why is that emo chick talking to the preps?
Because shes not emo shes a god damn F.e.b!
by OffsetServbot June 12, 2011

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