fuckin' egg beater, piss poor excuse for an automobile. febs can be any make or model car with faded paint, missing parts, no exhaust, leaning to one side,bald tires.etc. usually driven by a helen.
(pile of junk rolls down street)man#1 yo,check out that f.e.b. bro!
man#2 did you see the helen drivin'that piece of shit car?
by p.ross September 02, 2006
a Fake Emo Bitch
or a person who dresses and acts emo but talks and hangs around preppy people.
Why is that emo chick talking to the preps?
Because shes not emo shes a god damn F.e.b!
by OffsetServbot June 12, 2011
A 'Fat Emo Bitch'. Someo one that is, fat and emo (they are only emo because they are fat and apprently black is slimming and they cry because ppl call them fat)
Oh My, Why did u get with that feb?
by Ian Pearson July 15, 2005
A Feb, also commonly known as "femo" is a "fit emo boy"
Because face it, the dark hair and eye liner combined with hot skinny jeans is just...*sighs* magic.
Febs are a rare and dying breed of boys that are sensetive and stand apart from the ugly yob culture.
Although theres a collection of "wannabe febs" boys who pretend their emo by taking photos of themselves on myspace or bebo and other social networks to get girls after them.
Face it, Febs are scrump-diddly-umptious!

Examples of celebrity febs are: Brendon urie and Ryan ross, the hot celebrity members of Las Vegas band panic! at the disco, also Frank Iero and Gerard way of My Chemical
romance are also examples of celebrity febs.
febs in a sentance:
J: "Omg! look at that dude in the skinny jeans! how hot?"
S: "OMg! what a feb!!"
*both in borat voice*: "he's niiiice!"
by Oddbobkins January 08, 2008
February refers to the month devoted to black history, henceforth a February or "Feb" is an African American person.
"Gee Whiz Todd, I didn't see one Feb on the slopes today", "Come on Dan, are there ever any?"

I was walking through the ghetto and I saw a Feb, so I got scared and ran.
by Cletus Cumberdale September 28, 2005
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