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A gathering of friends, come together for the sole purpose of enjoying copious amounts of delicious foods, beverages, and good company.
Thursday night's potluck dinner was a feastival.
by Matt Meyer October 18, 2007
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A crazy wicked ass time of feasting and doing other activities that are only acceptable in a feastival like roaming in safeway for hours and drooling over the goods. **Walmart is only acceptable if you're playing hide and go seek or causing some sort of ruckus. A feastival usually takes place once a month and to partake in the amazing day of feasting you must A) bring some food item of some sort.(It's in a way like a potluck in that sense, but thats the only way) B) bring some crazy funky hat or something. C) not be scared of getting thrown in jail. A feastival is absolutely the most craziest feasting/gallabanting/ruckus-causing heyday of a gathering.
One guy: Dude, you look rough... Is that lipstick on your face?

Another guy: Dude, we had a feastival last night. I ate so much I don't even remember everything that went down. I think we used lipstick as warpaint when we were missioning around walmart.

One guy: Ohhhhh. Last time I went to a feastival I woke up naked tied to a rubber duck in the toy isle of walmart.

Another guy: Dude. Just no. Leave.
by BAMMF November 19, 2009
1. A large party and/or celebration where the focus or theme of the celebration is food... and lots of it.

2. A carnival/celebration of food.
Thanksgiving this year is going to be a 'Feast'ival of legendary proportion.

This 'Feast'ival is the bomb dude... I have never seen this much food and fun all in one place.
by Michael R. Stone November 23, 2010

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