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The prolific consumption of tasty food and drink. Episodes of feastiality may be followed by bouts of the plops.
Dean: "Man, I'm hungry! What're you saying? Are you ready to eat?"

Jason: "I'm down for something really tasty. Let's hook up some feastiality!"
by terminal 2 July 10, 2008
114 66
The process of having sexual relations with food
John loved to look at feastiality porn.
by Z-man lives August 15, 2010
5 4
The sexual encounter with any food items. Most Commonly Hot Pockets
Pr0t: Im gonna cook a Hotpocket
Pr0t: Then %$#@ It.

Bob: Pr0t is into Feastiality Guys!
by Visievion October 02, 2009
38 46