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A big sexy man beast who has a huge blood sausage bulging out of his pants. Has a great furry man beard, which is irresistable to the female gender. They always want to stroke it, because it gives them sexual pleasure. When he burps his sweet sexy breath into the back of your hair in class, it makes all the chicks cum on demand. He could get any girl he wants, but he is too good for human girls and is waiting for us to acheive intergalactic space travel so he can go bang some hot alien ass. Only xorlack girls are good for fearghal. He has a mind of steel and a heart of gold and will rule the world some day in the future. Also he will live forevor in his own little world with a dragon with dave bowie's head named gokusan.
I heard Sally tried to go for Fearghal.. What is that girl thinking??? He's impossible to get.

I was seduced by Fearghal's man beard the other day, and now i can't stop masurbating.

Fearghal burped into the back of my hair and made it fly everywhere, and right as he did that, I had the best orgasm ever.
by DBSquad June 09, 2009
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