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"The only thing to fear is fear itself."
There is nothing worse than fear to be afraid of.
by pljhgd September 10, 2006
A Widely known clan on ROBLOX that is mostly known for it's leader being frequently banned, and group members hacking. F.E.A.R. is also the largest group in ROBLOX.
Robloxian 1: Hey, did you hear about F.E.A.R.?
Robloxian 2: Yeah, It's the largest clan on ROBLOX.
1: Hard to believe isn't it?
2: Yeah, because of it's leader. He gets banned often.
by themarioman August 06, 2010
"The Fear" is a feeling of intense paranoia, nausea and insecurity that you sometimes get after heavy drinking.

Anyone can get The Fear. Some people claim they don't get it, but they're either hideously secure or well-behaved. Other people claim that they only started getting The Fear after being told of its existence; a more likely explanation would seem to be that they simply didn't have a name for it before…

There is no known cure for The Fear.

What the hell happened last night? I think I did something really bad, but can't remember exactly what... I've got the Fear!
by TCKX November 28, 2007
A emotion that causes people to be scared or in fright.
"My fear of spiders prevents me from touching one"
by Jessica T July 24, 2005
An acronym standing for:


Most often used in times when shit gets bad really quick.
Present tense and past tense versions of the words in the acronym can be used as well.This does not apply to the games F.E.A.R or F.E.A.R 2.
Dude!We stayed in a haunted house,but it got too freaky so we said F.E.A.R.
by Swiftly Swift December 10, 2010
Fear is just a thought that adds to just another undefinable emotion. Thoughts are just things.
While tripping on LSD, I encountered the fundamental "fear" of death. Then I realized that "I" don't exist and that emotions are just flow. I watch thoughts now, calmly as I wait for the watcher to fully dissolve into nothingness.
by MirroringAwareness January 30, 2010
A group of jack asses who is lead by a bigger jack ass, on ROBLOX.
F.E.A.R. killes everyone... Jack asses...
by I H8 j00. June 26, 2010