Acronym for filthy disgusting whore
Did you see the way she was grinding on me in the club?

I wouldn't get too excited, she's just a typical fdw.
by bhurst April 25, 2011
Top Definition
Frozen Donkey Wheel
Lock: we have to move the island, how?

Ben: via the fdw

Lock: :o
by Bobototox.108 November 07, 2009
v: for da win... not to be confused with the once popular for THE win, for DA win is a much cooler way to be an asshole.
girl: "baby, i promise i didn't cheat on you."
boy: "don't lie, bitch. i know the kid ain't mine"
maury: "you are NOT the father!"
....paternity test fdw
by drunkymcdrunkdrunk July 21, 2010
Fick dich weg.

This is german and means something like "fuck yourself and leave". Usually used in newsgroups or discusion forums on the internet.
"I know a new joke.. bla bla.."

by bbv August 10, 2008
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