Short for "Fake Box Chow", a situation in which you pretend to perform cunnilingus on a nasty-ass vagina.
Dude, did you eat that chick out you hooked up with last night?

No, it was FBC all the way.... her box was used up and nasty as fuck!
by Anita Necklace February 02, 2013
Face Book Creeper-The time spent looking through people's Facebook pages...
Good God I am going to FBC John Stamos tonight! Uncle Jesse here I come!
by Vain Bitch June 11, 2010
FAT BITCH CLICK; A group a large cow shaped bitches all together in herd. Commonly seen in malls; fast food restaurants; lunch room cafeterias; and following the cute well proportinately sized bitches. Usually think they are hot, yet, they indeed are NOT!!! If you see a FBC... RUN!!! They indeed shall follow anyone with any consumable supstance. Although slow and out of shape, they are persistent, loud, and bite with Force!!! BEWARE!!!
"Hey there goes Sally, Jamie and Julie... OH Shit! FBC!!! eerybody make a run for It!!!!!
by TruthC84 February 19, 2008
FBC (Fat Black Cock), a large black object between a Africans leg. Usually feared by many. Commonly known of its massive size. If seen one should contact a therapist. White girls beware, you're in for a scare!
Fear the FBC
OMG, is that a FBC?
Child:MOM! What is that?
Mom:Son, thats what they call a FBC.
by wowthatsafbc November 21, 2010
Abbreviation of FaceBook Creeper, or can be simple called a 'creeper'.

A creeper/FBC will frequently view other people's pages, info and photos, even though they may hardly know the people.
ex -

Jack is such an FBC, he keeps looking at the photos Jill posted of the party she had on the weekend, even though he hardly knows her and wasnt even at the party.

ex -

Bob - "Hey guys, did you see that Sue got a new phone number?"
Bill - "Sue who?"
Bob - "Sue Miller"
Bill - "Why would you know that she got a new cell number, you dont even know her?"
Bob - "She changed her cell number in the info section of her Facebook profile"
Bill - "Dude, you're such an FBC"
by pb foot February 06, 2010
Fuck Boys Club

Add an 'E' at the end (except) and the initial of your expectational boy.
"FBCET - fuck boys club except Tommy."

"He cheated on me, FBC!!"
by taylorbabailor January 19, 2010
FBC means "Fuck Both Coasts". A paintball term that holds truth. The best paintball teams are most certainly from the MidWest.
East coast kids? West coast players? Nah, FBC baby ! MidWest Paintball for the win !
by MidWest Paintballer July 08, 2011

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