Fuck Boys Club

Add an 'E' at the end (except) and the initial of your expectational boy.
"FBCET - fuck boys club except Tommy."

"He cheated on me, FBC!!"
by taylorbabailor January 19, 2010
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Describing a picture that would look great on facebook, i.e. facebook compatible.
"Yo, nads, that pic is FBC!"
by tawana May 11, 2006
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ya know, it's cool how all the FBC girls share the love, yet they're all so different. some are too DIRTAY to clean their attics, some are mad smart (MAD smart), some are stalkers, etc. some fail their math tests, some love drug dealers, some twist their necks while dancing in the mirror. some tend to fall a lot, some take lots of pictures. some aren't even trackletes; instead, they're FENCERS! but ya know whta? it's all good, yo. one love, one love.
FBC! the only club for me! (say it, it rhymes!)
by sniff December 11, 2003
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"OMG celeste is a pig! She slept with Carl Mezarian, (chaz), and had a 3 sum with him with this other girl Ali. EWWW that is so gross. Celeste is like a FBC!!!!!!!!!"
by Alyssa robinson December 22, 2008
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Abbreviation of FaceBook Creeper, or can be simple called a 'creeper'.

A creeper/FBC will frequently view other people's pages, info and photos, even though they may hardly know the people.
ex -

Jack is such an FBC, he keeps looking at the photos Jill posted of the party she had on the weekend, even though he hardly knows her and wasnt even at the party.

ex -

Bob - "Hey guys, did you see that Sue got a new phone number?"
Bill - "Sue who?"
Bob - "Sue Miller"
Bill - "Why would you know that she got a new cell number, you dont even know her?"
Bob - "She changed her cell number in the info section of her Facebook profile"
Bill - "Dude, you're such an FBC"
by pb foot February 06, 2010
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