Describing a picture that would look great on facebook, i.e. facebook compatible.
"Yo, nads, that pic is FBC!"
by tawana May 11, 2006
Top Definition
abbreviation for Facebook Chat.
"Hey Nathan why don't you fbc her and ask her if she just wants to come over?"
by Jason Shields_14 December 26, 2008
A fat blub cunt
Me: Who's that whale coming?
Nic: You mean FBC?
by anonnnnaaaaaaaaaa May 31, 2010
fat black cock. Fear the fbc is a protest started in portage indiana to let white girls know to look out. Soon to be a clothing line. Shirts, hats, etc.. get your fbc merch by contacting the creator of this trend jake galindo on facebook. No rasism here. Just a statement. Now also an official chuck norris fact. GREAT CONVO STARTED AND GOOD TO SCREAM AT QUIET MOMENTS
Fear the fbc.
Fbc all day.
She regretted that fbc.
by fbc all day November 21, 2010
abbreviation meaning "Fuck Bitch Cunt". Used as an angry exclamation.
Guy 1: Dude, I just saw your girlfriend making out with some guy.

Guy 2: FBC!
by Anonymous0983281098301291 April 05, 2010
abbreviation for "Fat Black Chick"
"Look at that FBC over there"
"Wow, I bet she makes great soul food."
by TKP July 05, 2006
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