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Someone who is very close to you as a friend.
Hey faygit! Jim Raynor! Faygit! I made you a sandwich.
by Soul131 June 05, 2009
One who perpetually wears khakis, corduroys or khaki-colored corduroys. They are often found loitering around Starbucks, leeching off others and generally being a moron. They also smoke Newports exclusively.
Julian Camacho sure is the definition of a faygit.
by The Elites April 12, 2009
A variation of the word faggot; the spelling is changed to express how counter-strike nerds actually say it.
0mg! i kno u hack! leeve, leeve faygit, leeve now b4 the admin BANS u!!!
by Tetrachloromethane June 27, 2005
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