When a situation arises on facebook which is awkward to all those who observe.
Kate: O my gosh did you see that high school couple arguing about their pregnancy on facebook?!

Me: Ya! That was so fawkward!
by Gingerbread Boi December 07, 2010
Fucking awkward!
Man I ran into my ex last night, it was fawkward!
by Javrodti June 01, 2009
Fucking awkward, that moment when things are beyond awkward
Well that was fawkward.
Why you being fawkward?
That tranny with one leg is walking a little fawkward.
by Rach978 January 11, 2014
contraction of "fucking"+"awkward"
Ex 1:

Person 1- Dude, I wouldn't even know the first thing to say.

Person 2- Stop being so fawkward and just go talk to them!

Ex 2:

Person 1- How could he bring her to the party after what she had said to your brother?

Person 2- I know, her presence was just fawkward.
by levicho November 25, 2012
A short form of "fucking awkward"
"Dude, remember when I tripped in the hallway in front of the hottest girl in school? That was so fawkward!"
by MrsVonVanity April 17, 2012
Something that is funny yet also awkward.
Bob: It was really funny when the guy climbing over the seats in the movie theater fell.

Not Bob: Then what happened?
Bob: He just laid there. It was weird.
Not Bob: Fawkward.
by Ohai!!1! January 22, 2010
A fucking awkward situation.
It was so fawkward when my mom came in while I was jerking it last night.
by Fawkward69 December 29, 2009

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