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7 definitions by Fawkward69

The substance which forms in the vagina when not properly cleaned. Opposite of smegma.
I wouldn't go near that 'tang- I am sure it is full of fegma.
by fawkward69 January 13, 2010
An injury acquired during sex.
Man, check out my sinjury I got while trying to fuck in that Pontiac Firefly last night. I haven't walked straight since...
by Fawkward69 December 28, 2009
When you ask someone for breakfast. Breakfast + request.
I hope J Mac says yes to my breaquest.
by fawkward69 February 01, 2014
A fucking awkward situation.
It was so fawkward when my mom came in while I was jerking it last night.
by Fawkward69 December 29, 2009
A really old cat.
I can't believe that senior catizen just scored that chick! Sign me up for gettin' old.
by fawkward69 June 21, 2010
When the male genitalia is an unusual shape, size or colour.
I was really excited when I saw the size of his feet. So it was a pretty cockward moment when I went down on him. Apparently big feet can just mean they wear big shoes...
by Fawkward69 December 29, 2009
Eating out someone's asshole. Lips and assholes, man.
I love hotdogs, all the time.
by fawkward69 January 13, 2010