more than awkward, like SUPER awkward
dude, my boyfriend just met my ex.. it was totes FAWKWARD!!!
by totes123 December 18, 2009
That boy is FAWKWARD
by etmocha July 10, 2009
When a person's fatness creates awkwardness.

Fat + Awkward
Response to little Alex Peterson attempting to jump rope:

"That's one fawkward little bastard!"
by BrandynQ March 16, 2008
"fucking awkward" - a creep
I wish eric would stop staring at me, he's so fawkward.
by Steve Haley April 19, 2007
it's like fugly.
only awkward.
aka.effing awkward.
"That's soooo fawkward!"
by verdballs September 27, 2006
The act of a scene or spoken line that is both funny and awkward.
"Lick it.!"
"That's what she said.!"
"That's fawkward..."
by November 25, 2011
An awkward situation, email or conversation arising due to a connection on Facebook.
Running into my coworker after complaining on a facebook status update about how annoying he was in that meeting was just a wee bit fawkward.
by kevin_h2o December 18, 2009

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