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when a ridiculously awkward situation arises especially in oklahoma and texas. This word is usually used the morning after a night on 6th street or when a large group of DPO girls are together. A fawkward colony has been established details are to be found on facebook.
Sarah, Asha and Shiki in a room together, is fawkward...
by Fawkward Founding Mother September 10, 2006
meaning "effin" awkward, it is used to characterize the most awkward situations encountered.
Girl 1: Hey, didn't Katie make out with John?
Girl 2: Katie is standing right behind you.
Random Witness: Fawkward!
by lundwich April 29, 2006
fucking + awkward - ucking = fawkward
"I hate hanging out with them, they make me feel fawkward"
by bren718 January 17, 2005
F***ing awkward
what Janey said to kaylea's grandma was fawkward
by Sumdumho September 25, 2014
an adjective used to describe a situation that was fucking awkward
it was so fawkward when i saw him
by Aiden rodriguez September 10, 2005
When something is not just awkward, it's fucking awkward.
e.g. I bumped into my ex the other day, it was fawkward.
by mhairiwithav December 17, 2010
Fucking Awkward
I just introduced my girlfriend to my exgirlfriend...fawkward.
by rootntoot September 21, 2010
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