The Fidonet Awk Utility; used for pattern matching regarding applications such as email and usenet. This utility provides the same capabilities as awk on unix system, which can be used to read flat-file databases or to make quick searches and replacements. Fawk is also compatible with grep syntax.
I totally FAwked this spam! I am teh 13373$7! pwn3d Pfizer, pwn3d!
by ravingidiot July 04, 2004
Top Definition
fawk (noun); fawked, fawker, fawkin

1. used to address someone

2. da asian pronunciation to the word fuck (how my old man would say it...)
1. Aye, you fawk.



FAWK you nigga shit.
by koodang February 21, 2005
fawk,fawken,fawked. basically means fuck. used in Counter-Strike, to get around Swear filters =D
GUY:WTF your so gay dude you ****!
Me: HA what a fawken idiot!
Me: you got nocked tha fawk out!
by Sins February 16, 2003
the universally recognized way to get around a swear filter.... so just deal with it and leave me the fawk alone :P
Person 1: XO I hate the *** filter!
Person 2: Dude it just filtered u again!
Person: Fawk this fawking filter this is so fawked up!
by owGods *Sunshine* May 20, 2012
Fucking Awkward

-Fucking Awks
Person 1: Omg my ex asked me out again it was so awkward!
Person 2: LOL FAWKS
by ANNAG97 November 15, 2011
An expression for when something is just fucking awkward.
Guy 1: You're retarded.
Guy 2: Your mum's retarded.
Guy 1: My mum's dead.
Guy 2: Fawks....
by moomoocow123 November 27, 2010
hybrid cross between a falcon and a hawk. Young fawks are known as fawklings. They live in large groups called fawklets.
Look at the beautiful, new-born fawklet.
by Enid Lareg March 02, 2009
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